Bahamian Vocabulary and Slang

The Bahamian vocabulary is rich with colorful terms and slang.

Bahamianese I

  • argie: to argue
  • baby maker: getting alot of women pregnant
  • Baker=oven as “fresh out of the baker”
  • back-back: to go in reverse in a car
  • bey : is bahamian slang for Boy
  • big-eyed: greedy
  • biggety: anything bold, brassy, and boastful
  • big up: Pregnant
  • boom-boom: rear end, or a * boonggy: rear end or a; considered a national word
  • bound: constipated
  • bright: light complexion
  • bubby: breasts
  • buck up: to crash, as in car
  • bungy (n): a** or anus
  • bungy (v): anal sex
  • bust-up: badly drunk or intoxicated
  • calm head: smooth hair in a female
  • camolly: lump, or bruise
  • conch: large mollusk; considered to be an aphrodisiac; national food
  • conchy joe: watch out for Joe! An ethnic term referring to those of caucasian inclination (in other words, white)
  • confuddle up: to get confused
  • corporation: in some cases, a pot-belly
  • cowboy: to take an abbreviated bath, without getting in the bath.
  • cuckoo soup: soup into which certain bodily fluids are placed to “tame a man”, especially one who is trying to win the heart of that man; said to have magical powers in winning the man in marriage
  • cut up: flirt
  • crabby: vagina
  • cut hip: to give a beating
  • dead: used as an adjective to intenisfy anything (”dead” ugly)
  • doggy: penis
  • duff: boiled, fruit-filled dough; a national dessert, much loved,with a rum flavored sauce
  • fast: describes someone who steals, or cannot mind their own business
  • general: form of address from man to man
  • gin up: to screw up, mismanage
  • gussy-mae: fat Bahamian girls, with large “bubbies” and “boonggy”
  • high: bad smell
  • hurt: to put a hex on
  • jack: friend
  • jam up: too crowded
  • jook: to stab
  • jumbey: spirit
  • leg short: arrived too late
  • long out: to pout
  • lover: generic name for male playboys
  • low fence: someone that is easy to take advantage of
  • Mango skin: light complexion person (usually female)
  • Mudda Sick – Wow
  • muggage up: to beat up
  • nanny (n)- fecal matter
  • nanny (v) - to pass fecal matter
  • outside: away from the marriage, as in outside children
  • parrot ass: someone that talks too much
  • picky head: short, thin hair
  • pucketery: in a jam, or quandary
  • pump: to pass gas purge: to vent rage
  • quarm: to walk in an affected way
  • shuttail: without pants
  • sip sip: gossip
  • skylark: good natured horseplay
  • show sef: show off
  • spilligate: to go out on the town
  • spirit agree: to get along well with someone
  • spring chicken: an old lady acting younger then she actually is
  • stiff-toe gang; rigor mortis, or to die
  • swallow water-melon: pregnant
  • sweetheart: affair
  • tarpree: low class, gullible; like “low fence”
  • terreckly: soon, from ‘directly’
  • tote news: to gossip
  • Vell Muddoes : is an exclaimation, meaning wow
  • wex (vex): angry, mad
  • yuck up my vexation: to make me angry

Bahamianese II

  • Biggety – bold and argumentative (see some of my posts for an example)
  • Boongie - butt
  • Brought-upcy – manners
  • Bubbies – big breasts
  • Chirren – children
  • Crabby -the most sacred part of the female anatomy
  • Curren’ – electricity
  • Cut hip – a good beating
  • Dem – a group of people
  • Ferl – aluminum foil
  • Fire Engine - corn beef and white rice (dinner)
  • Fix – to put a hex on
  • Flit– Baygon or any spray insectide, but especially Baygon
  • Gapseed - gossip
  • Georgie bundle– Used in “I ga pack up my georgie bundle and go” (leave a relationship)
  • Gimme – give me
  • Grabalicious – greedy
  • Gubment – government
  • Gun casin – a nice shape, a young lady’s shape is enhanced with sexy curves around the upper thigh and hip area. (ie. like a cowboys’ gun case)
  • Gussy mae– a heavy set Bahamian woman who has bubbies, and huge peas & rice boongie
  • Homeboy – a male friend
  • Joneser- a person who will wash you car for a dollar to support their addiction
  • Jook– to stab someone with an underhand motion
  • Mango skin– a light-skinned black person
  • “Mussy”: - maybe...there is a possibility
  • No-manners– self explanatory (example: no-manners chirren usually get a good cut hip)
  • Numbers– lottery (as in playing the “numbers”)associated with “web shops”
  • On ya Run- (paying attention to what you are saying)
  • Outside chirren- (children out of wedlock and with a sweetheart)
  • “Pants Gunnin” – when ones long pants are noticeably to small. The ankles are visible when they should be covered by the pants leg.
  • Peas and rice boongie– a very large butt
  • Piece– as in gimme “piece” (a man asking a woman fer some crabby)
  • Piece ah leg- Sex
  • Potcake – a dog of mixed breed or burnt rice at the bottom of the pot
  • Slam bam- a slice bologna between two pieces of bread
  • Spry – sparsely showered rain
  • Sweetheart – a husband’s “other” woman or a wife’s “other” man
  • Wammy – good sex
  • Yammin - penetration
  • Ya ma! – You lie!

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