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What's a Junglist - 2009/01/25 10:19 A Jamaican friend of mine asked me what is a Junglist, here is the definition:

These are the women that talk with their necks, their hands, their mouth, their eyes and a lot of other body language.

A junglist is a hand in the hip and a finger in your face kind of person.

She is usually unreasonable, irrational, highly emotional and sometimes very stupid.

You cannot have a sensible discussion with a junglist without falling into an argument. Junglist women tend to raise children that look like act like and dress like the singer fifty cents.

These children invariably end up in jails, institutions and death at an early age.

Some junglist women children also look and act like the singer Snoop Dogg. These children should be locked up quickly in the pound at the Humane Society.

From the bahamajournal
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Re:What's a Junglist - 2009/01/25 10:30 Peasy i told you not to post this inaccurate sterotypical bullshit. Public speakers speak using their body, such as hands, neck,eyes pacing and is said to help get the point of the speech across does that make them a jungalist?

Whether she is classy, ghetto, or somewhere in between if a woman gets mad and wants to put her hands on her hip and point a finger its her right. A majority of women point their fingers and place their hands on their hips, so i wont say all women do this but the set that do cant and shouldn't be classed as a jungalist for doin so.

And their are many people you cant have a discussion with, without arguing, maybe because of emotional issues surrounding the topic of conversation, and regardless to jungalist or not their are conversations you can hold with jungalists in which they wont end in an argument.

The way their children dress and act can not be blamed on the so-called jungalist because im sure that you have seen enough typical white families with the punk rock kid or goth kid, its freedom of expression and because their child choose to dress and act like 50 cents is not on fault to her you may argue that she could discipline her child but in the end the child will do what he/she wants to do. And because a child wants to immolate his/her favorite singer you say impound them?Aint that some shit, i dont promote crime or "badness" but let the child live.
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