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Marley Daughter calls Bahamians Lazy - 2010/04/25 09:52 See how yall Bahamians who is work in the industry have a rep. Yall need to step up yall work ethic and game.

Gat Bob marley Daughter calling yall lazy and dat yall inefficient.

From the Tribune: THE General Manager of the Marley Resort and Spa quit in protest yesterday over comments from the company's owner Stephanie Marley.
Barbara Hanna Cox walked out after Ms Marley - daughter of reggae legend, Bob - blamed the former Bahamas Hotel Association President, along with other managers and staff, for causing the resort to operate at a loss.

Facing complaints carried in this newspaper over the last two weeks about ongoing employee salary payment delays at the Cable Beach hotel, Ms Marley alleged that the Bahamian workforce brought the situation on themselves.

She claims many lack the hard work ethic of Jamaicans and seem to think the Marley family have a "pot of gold" to keep the business running out of their own pockets.

"Eighty per cent of staff at the resort work really well with supervision" while the rest "are not worth the payroll," said Ms Marley.
The businesswoman stated that she and her mother, Bob's wife Rita, have never made a penny from the resort during its two years in operation, and revealed that she is considering firing 20 per cent of her 38-strong workforce who she blamed for profit-losing "inefficiencies" which have taken a toll on its finances.
"We've never faced anything like this in our 20 years in the tourism and music business," said Ms Marley, who has served as the Managing Director of the Bob Marley Foundation, Bob Marley Museum, Tuff Gong International, Tuff Gong Recording and the Rita Marley Foundation in Jamaica.
According to the company director, in addition to staff cutbacks there is a possibility the 16-room resort may be closed down entirely on a temporary basis while she find replacement employees.
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