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New Year @ Magic City

Magic City Nassau Bahamas 2007 New Years Week was a blurrr and it involves Magic City. I’m telling you. From Junkanoo night all the way to the next Monday. New Year’s night was suppose to be spent at a private party, you know the kind where everyone arrives fashionably late. I had to pass by this girl to see what she was saying to see if she was up to going to the party with me. Arrived by her place and the gal on the phone, scrcchhhh bad sign number one. So me being the patient guy, stood outside on their porch until she was done.  The gal gern tell me say her parents don’t want her going out like that on New Year’s day ; scrchhhh bad sign number deuce.

Ya boy was getting lil annoyed nah, because I knew that was a bald face lie. Her folks are the coolest set of folks and they does let her do as she pleases, because she is one of those good girls you see, over achiever, private school and college kinda ‘dawters.’ Anyways what can I say, this diva probably had something going on with someone else. We had only met briefly some years ago at the US embassy Visa line. Yes, you read right that’s where we met and somehow I had kept in touch with her, because let me tell you she was a ‘Fineeyyyy.’

Long story short this wasn’t happening tonight, so I said my pleasantries, and rolled out. So Mr. what ya going to do, because you know I need a juicy story for ma boys when we start sharing new Year’s stories on the corna or by the tracks. So I though why not pass by Magic City.. Yea you know the place, famous for ummm.. well lets leave it at that.

Magic City Bahamas New YearsDrove down the Cable Beach strip and parked in the lot, the lot wasn’t too packed, may be a light crowd tonight.. Then I remembered.. Oh sh*t, I don’t have a fine dawter on my arm, what if one of my boys spots me and tells everyone, my rep gonna be ruined. Me being the Mr. ‘Don gar Gun,’ I was like nah let me roll out. I snapped a photo of the place, oh well at least it can go into my blog..

Anyone else had an interesting new Year's week? Leave me a short comment.

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cielopanama - hi Registered | 2009-06-26 21:36:13
hi carlos my name is cielo from panama you remember me
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